Middle School Gathering

The Middle School Gathering is for youth in grades 6-9 and their adult leaders. This event gathers young people to grow in their faith by focusing on common confirmation teachings presented in a unique way, in 2019 we will focus on the Ten Commandments. The event includes large group assemblies with a keynote speaker and band, learning clusters (small group learning), family time (time to meet with your church group), hotel life (fun activities including inflatable games, basketball, swimming pool Wii, board games and crafts, prayer room, dance music and more), and worship. Middle School Gathering 2019 is November 23-24.


Large Group

Takes place in the gym space at Cragun’s - together we will worship, take communion, and hear a speaker a few times throughout the weekend who enlightens us about our topic each year.

Church Time

Time for us to gather together as a church, discuss the topics of the Middle School Gathering, the large group speaker, and to fellowship with one another.

Hotel Life

Saturday night ends with Hotel Life, where all throughout the Cragun’s resort are fun activities: inflatables, games, crafts, swimming, Wii, board games, prayer room, and so much more.